Hello & welcome to Ashy Leigh Desings Blogs!

I’m Ashley – mother, wife & business owner.

I live in Bennington, Nebraska with my husband (Cameron), son (Jaxson, 7), step-son (Jace, 13), and 3 dogs (Marilyn, Bella & Cardi).

I started my planner accessory business in January of 2015 called Ashy Leigh Designs. As I look back at the name now, I often think it is ridiculous. Most likely because I do not think many understand where it came from or the meaning. The name is based off of what my husband used to call me when we were younger – Ashy Lee. Due to an ex’s name, I did not want to have my business reflect the bad times of the past. I decided to change Lee to Leigh. Not only did it not reflect the past; it was prettier to write and my mom had once thought about spelling my name Ashleigh instead of Ashley. In my opinion, perfect fit.

So how did this whole thing start? I have always been into planning and paper planners. Prior to 2014 I would have planners from Target or Walmart. This always came in handy with school, work schedules, and the kid’s schedules. In 2014 a friend shared a planner she was using, the Erin Condren Life Planner. When I saw the pricing, I was like whoa that is SO expensive. Little did I know that I would fall down a rabbit hole of even more expensive planners.

With this new found planner; I also found Instagram pages, hash tags and Facebook groups. Again, another rabbit hole I quickly went down. I found some information on how to make your own stickers, so I bought a Silhouette. As time went on, I worked on making my own planner stickers.

This was still while I was working at my last job. Cameron (my husband) was working an hour away from home often pulling double shifts and myself working long hours as well. At the time, 95% of my paycheck was going directly to paying for child care between the two boys. It was also getting to the point that Jaxson was at daycare for 12 hours a day. As a family, we decided that I should be a stay at home mom. I put in my month notice, which they countered asking if I could stay three more months. I agreed, but looking back at it, I wish I would have declined and left after the month was over. Those last three months were some of the most stressful moments I have ever had. While I enjoyed certain aspects of my job, I felt like it was often way too overwhelming.

With some increase interest in my sticker designs, I decided to open my shop on Etsy on January 6, 2015. Only a few weeks prior to my last day of work. Within six months, I had created what I like to call planner tabs. This was widely popular and grew quickly in popularity.

The rest is history.

Here I am four and a half years later still doing the same thing only on my own website instead of Etsy. I cannot thank my customer’s enough for all the things I have been blessed with over the span of my business’s history.

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