I never thought I would ever experience the horror I did on Tuesday, July 29th.

Please note I will be adding photos to the bottom of this blog. If you are triggered or do not do well with cuts/stitches, please make sure to not scroll to the bottom.

It all started out when I got up and ready for the day. My mom had just called to let me know my sister-in-law was in labor and that the baby should come that day. She wanted to let me know her and my dad were on their way to Omaha and she would call when she heard more about the baby. Then I woke up Jace and told him to get ready to go back to his mom’s.

I got home and wanted to get to work right away. I wanted to get a lot of things done by working on releases for Friday and finishing up the made to order purchases. On my way down to my office, I asked Jaxson to feed and water the dogs. A chore he has done for years and something that you wouldn’t think would cause any damage or terror to your or your son’s life.

I could hear the dog food cling the steal dish as it entered the first bowl. A few seconds later, I heard Jaxson screaming at the top of his lungs. At the time, I really thought he had just encounter a large spider. That reaction to a spider is not something new for Jaxson or I by any means. However, I did know this scream was a little more than a normal “I see a spider” scream.

As I casually walked up from my office to the kitchen, I kept asking what was wrong. He would not respond and kept screaming. When I reached the kitchen and looked at him, I could see his knee. I could not believe what I was seeing. It took a minute for it to register in my mind what I was seeing. I remember I started screaming bloody murder like he was and managed to yell my husband’s name. Jaxson was standing right next to the kitchen drawer that has our towels in it. I reached in and grabbed whatever I could and put it on his cut right away.

In my husband’s words, when I started screaming, he knew this was not a drill and something was seriously wrong. He came rushing from upstairs. He was only at home to use the restroom and then leave again to go back to mowing. As he got to the kitchen he grabbed Jaxson. I looked at him and just asked “ambulance or take him”. He paused for a couple seconds to think then said ambulance.

I could not find my cell phone anywhere, so I rushed into the living room to grab the house phone. We then waited for the ambulance. It did not take very long, but it seemed like forever for Jaxson and I. My husband was very calm through all of this, however, I was not and barley kept it together.

When I say I was scared, that is an understatement. The initial look at his injury, I thought it went all the way to the bone. You could see just a flap of skin. It was right next to his knee cap so to me it appeared that his knee cap was literally falling off. I had no idea how bad it was or if he would need to have a transfusion when we got to the hospital. I ran through so many things in my head sitting on that kitchen floor putting pressure on Jaxson’s cut.

According to my husband, he knew that the cut was bad but not to the point where we really needed an ambulance. His concern was more so for Jaxson’s reaction. Jaxson was hyperventilating and his teeth were chattering.

As I sat on the phone with the 911 operator, Jaxson was crying hysterically saying he was scared and asking that they please hurry.

The paramedics arrived. They took a look and said that the majority of the bleeding had stopped. They tested his motor functions and vitals. During this time, they asked Jaxson questions to keep him calm. I think he found it comforting that one of the paramedics told Jaxson that his wife works at the school that Jaxson attends. After they checked him over and wrapped up the wound, they said that we could either transport him ourselves or they could take him by ambulance. Since they assured me the bleeding was not to be concerned about if we transported him, his vitals were fine, and his motor functions were good; we decided to transport him ourselves.

As we were waiting to fill out some information with the paramedics, Jaxson sat on the couch talking with a couple of them. One even went out to the ambulance and grabbed him a stuffed bear.

Once they had took all the information they needed from us, Jaxson and I went out the door to go to the hospital. I didn’t even bother to put any shoes on him.

Finally we were at the hospital. Thank goodness there were only a couple people there ahead of us. Jaxson at this point was very distraught. He would go into a panic and cry, then calm down, and then panic again. I found him a restroom since he had to potty. Shortly after that, we were already starting the process to get him into a room in the back.

They initially took us into a room to take his height, weight, and vitals. The nurse then took a look at his wound, and added topical numbing cream. The doctor came in and also took a look. She explained what they would be doing, but as we were talking, Jaxson asked that we go into the hallway to talk. The doctor explained what they intended to do, how they needed to numb the area, and how many stitches she thought he would need (she said 10 at that time). At this point, I was closer to his leg and could smell urine. I asked him if he peed himself in the bathroom trying to get his pants down. He said he did, but he did it at home when he saw the wound. I could not help but feel for him. I am sure it scared him so, so much.

After this, they took us back to a room. Ironically enough, the door had a whale shark on the glass. Jaxson LOVES sharks and ironically enough, it was Shark Week. We got settled in, introduced to nurses, and started watching Shark Week.

After about 20 minutes after they initially put the topical numbing cream on, they came back in to put another dose on. At this time they also gave Jaxson a sedative. He was pretty hysterical and the doctor would ask a couple times if that was normal. This is coming from the same kid who has to have a Bandaid for every scrape that he gets.

Once the sedative was given, Jaxson started to get sleepy. Which was great, he needed to rest. However, before he fell asleep he was rather restless. He would move his knee around causing the clear bandage they had over the topical cream to lift up a little. He tried to get out of bed a couple times and told me he was getting out of there. Finally, the sedative made him fall asleep.

The doctors and nurses came in about 20 minutes later. We tried to wake him up, but he was out. They started working on his knee by cleaning it out and injecting more medicine to numb the area. Jaxson would move, but did not wake up. When they finally started inserting stitches is when he woke. The hardest part was when he initially woke up, he didn’t know where he was at. It took about 10 minutes to get him settled down and understand what was going on. He would have times of extreme pain, but would then hold a conversation about sharks with the people in the room.

He received 17 stitches in total: 14 outside and 3 inside.

Finally we were done. They wrapped him up, gave us papers, and we left to go home.

He still is having a hard time four days later. He doesn’t like to talk about it, be asked about it, or hear others talking about what happened to him. I can only image how traumatizing this all was for him.

All because of the serrated edge of the Reynolds Wrap foil. Never in my life did I imagine that could have caused so much damage. Needless to say, the foil is no in a drawer where it has to somehow move 6 inches to the end of the counter to then fall on the floor.

7/29/19, 17 stitches in total (14 outside, 3 inside) after a freak accident with the Reynolds Wrap foil serrated edge.

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